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News: Forsaken World Tavern launched!
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Author Topic: Forum Rules  (Read 8242 times)


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« on: November 14, 2010, 02:06:25 PM »

Rules and Guidelines

To ensure a clean and constructive environment in which we can discuss all topics relating to Forsaken World each user has to follow the rules below.

Violations of the rules will be punished with a time or permanent ban from the Forsaken World - Tavern Forum.

This rules and guidelines apply to the whole forum and all it's sub-forums. Exceptions are listed below.

Content of Threads and Postings

First of all use your common sense and remember the following few things:
- Behind every user is a real person (except Newsbot, he's totally nuts and bolts).
- Treat every member with respect.
- Settle your personal differences with the PM System.
- To avoid misunderstandings please express yourself clearly and watch your spelling.
- There are also minors attending the forums.
- The Copyright law and the EULA (End User License Agreement) apply here as well.
- Every user is responsible for everything he/she writes/posts and for any possible consequences thereof.

2. Post Quality
Posts and discussions containing any of the following content will be removed, and any user posting such content may receive a warning or be banned:

2.1. Insults, personal attacks, obscenities, swear words, or abbreviations thereof
2.2. Illegal, sexually explicit, racist, religious, or defamatory content (or links thereto)
2.3. Fraud e.g. scams, phishing, and sites or files which contain and/or spread viruses or other malicious software
2.4. Commercial, political, or other advertisements for third party persons/companies which have nothing to do with Forsaken World or Forsaken World Tavern.
2.5. Content related to botting, cheating or hacking.
2.6. Denouncing other players by posting screenshots or character/player names in text form also known as ?Namecalling?.
2.7. Impersonating Forsaken World - Tavern staff by using their avatars/user images or names, or intentionally similar images or names.
2.8. Personal information belonging to yourself or to other users (addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, other contact details)
2.9. The reproduction of copyrighted material (images, texts, etc.)
2.10. Resurrecting threads which are older than 3 months.
2.11. Bumping threads with posts of no value for themselves (e.g. "Bumping a guild thread is allowed as long as the posts contain valuable updates and/or news about the guild").
2.12. Unnecessary double-posting which could have been avoided by using the "Edit" function.

The following types of content can be edited or deleted without warning, and threads containing such content can be closed:

2.13. Irrelevant or vacuous posts (e.g. spam, posts containing full quotes from other posts with no content of their own)
2.14. Ridiculously long signatures.
2.15. Statements containing sweeping generalizations or polarizing content with no constructive content also known as "trolling".
2.16. Reopening closed topics is not permitted. If a member of our team has closed a thread with an official statement, it is not allowed to open a new thread with the same topic since the matter would have been resolved and closed with the official statement. Of course, topics can be revived for discussion at a later time. This rule simply protects against identical topics being immediately reopened.

3. Using the Appropriate Forum
Please be sure to start threads and make posts in the appropriate forum.

4. The Search Function
Use the search function before posting. Your request may have already been solved.

5. Exceptions
- no exceptions...

6. Penalties
If warned for the 3rd time the user will be banned for a time period of 5 days.
Further warnings can result in a permanent ban.
Users will only be banned from the Forsaken World Tavern forum, not the main site.

Should you have any unsolved or remaining questions please don't hesitate to contact us: !

And don't take everything too serious Wink

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Have fun browsing the Tavern!
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